Taking back our health

So, I was sitting there planning my meals for the week before I grocery shopped. I took a break to clean up the kitchen and paused. As I was putting away the breakfast dishes and food, I said to myself what I say almost every morning… “My kids eat like crap!”

My husband and I have really turned our eating habits around and we are committed to changing our lifestyle. So why, am I cleaning up cereal bowls of Cinamon Toast Crunch?

Why do my kids lunches consist of bagels with cinnamon/sugar butter and Doritos? Just because I make them eat a few grapes, I tell myself it’s okay?

I have to be honest. I want to change their eating habits, but I’m scared.

I know this sounds absurd.

But, I fight my kids on everything all day. “Stop fighting!” “Stop with the attitude!” “Pick up your toys!” (And the list goes on…)

I even fight with them on eating the small amount of foods they do like to eat during every dinner. But, for some reason, I just don’t want to fight with them about changing their eating habits.

I decided today that it’s time. How can I motivate others and talk to others about the importance of changing their eating habits, if I can’t do it for my own family?

My 3 yo literally doesn’t eat vegetables…Ever!

My 5 yo throws a tantrum if we ask her to try something new.

I know it’s a control thing for kids, but I’m the adult and it’s time I started acting like it!

I don’t eat sugar. So why have I gotten into the bad habit of getting them a treat every time we are out of the house? Doughnuts, cakepops, cookies. It’s insane!

My family went to dinner last night and all my oldest ate was bread, a few French fries and cake. She refused to eat anything else. The mom guilt was strong after that incident.

This is going to be my new challenge. I like challenges, so, I should be excited about this one, right…. 😫

I have to do this though. My oldest has been getting into the habit of throwing massive tantrums multiple times a day when she doesn’t get what she wants and sadly, we give in. She is a lot to deal with.

She wil start school in the fall and I’m not sending her with lunches consisting of sugary buttered bagels and Doritos!

Wish me luck. I think this is going to be a long week. I will update on my progress. I don’t really have a solid plan right now, but I have a feeling I need to get one and along with that do a lot of praying.


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