…How Many Times…

How many times have I thought about getting back to my blog… too many.

Life has a way of getting away from you.

Your kids get a bit older and you no longer have the time to sit back and write.  The only reason I am able to be on my computer right now is because my oldest are playing in the snow and my one year old is still sleeping.

I’m sure I could be tackling the 3 baskets of laundry that need to be folded right now, they have only been sitting  there all weekend.  But, instead, the itch got too big and I was drawn to my computer.

I am not a writer by nature.  I consider myself a creative person, but only in that, “I have a lot of ideas and things I want to do, but I’m not that great at one thing…” type of creative.

I also blame it on my ADD.  I get the urge to write, so, I write (like right now), I get the urge to crochet and that results in about 5 semi finished projects, I get the urge to redo a room in my home and things like painted baseboards are not finished yet.

I’m sure to some, this makes me a flake.  In my defense, I just have so much going on in my brain, that I don’t know where to start or end.  I can literally be working on 4 projects at one time, bouncing from one to the other.  I’m pretty sure my family just considers me crazy.

Anyway, I feel like I am getting off topic, even though I really don’t have a topic right now.

To get more off topic though, I have actually been in this dilemma of what I really want to write about.  I feel like I wear so many hats; a Catholic woman, wife, mother, fitness enthusiast, avid reader, crafter, home decorating nut, lady with gluten and thyroid issues, lady who loves taking “artsy” pictures and pretending she is a photographer,  blah, blah, blah… Its like, trying to make me choose a topic for my blog and making me stick to that one subject is kind of asking a lot.

I should probably stick to what I am an expert at… hanging out with 3 little kids who are equal parts  lovely, scary and crazy. Maybe me trying to keep them alive and functioning is pretty outstanding and I should write about that. Although, that’s not super unique, since I know all us moms are out there doing the exact same thing.

I guess what this can be and really what it always has been is just me writing about what I know and feel.  If I can entertain a few along the way, well, then, yippee!  If I can entertain myself, that’s even better.

Of course since starting this post, I have had to get my kids dressed in their 7 layer snow ensembles, clean up lots of snow that was tracked in the house, clean up a dog related cereal spill, clean up a yogurt related throw up, take my daughter to school, read a million books to my two youngest and put together a princess puzzle with my daughter while fending off my son.  At this point, it’s not even noon yet.  So, I am on a roll today.


This was probably not the best day to “restart” my blog.  But, like I always say, such is life…








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